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An Ultrasound simulator is a great tool for improving students understating of Sonography, Anatomy, and Pathology. Using real ultrasound machines for teaching ultrasound, where students practice on each other is of course the gold standard, nothing can beat the real thing. Although the lack of: enough equipment, image quality consistency, ability to examine pathologies, and student privacy concerns makes it challenging.

Most ultrasound simulators in the market are heavy, bulky, or require hardware that students can’t take home.

With the COVID-19 situation were lot’s of universities all over the world have been shut down and moved to teaching with Zoom, it made ultrasound practicing not accessible.

At Innoging, at the very beginning, we decided never to compromise on two key elements: ease of use (both for teachers and students), and of course image quality.

That’s why we made our simulator completely web based — no installation required, where any number of students can practice at home at once.

The Innoging simulator in action

Innoging features:

Web based

Accessed easily from home, no installation/setup required. No software updates — you always get the latest version.

Can be used by thousands of students simultaneously.

screen

Easy to use

Students sign-in with a username and password and start working instantly with the probe’s drag and drop user interface.

It’s very easy to create new classes and new content with the interactive teacher dashboard. You can create courses, lessons, exercises, exams, and to generate grade reports.

Teacher dashboard with a simple drag-and-drop user interface

Open platform

Upload your own content — the simulator supports 2D/3D/4D scans, or use one of the hundreds of available scans in our database.

As a researcher you can get an access to the Innoging API which allows you to develop your own hardware to manipulate the virtual probe.

The company also has a patented hardware (probe and pad)— to get a more realistic scanning feeling.

Unique features

With the Innoging Simulator you can place multiple scans at the same exercise. You can also place the scans anywhere you want on the virtual mannequin.

Multiple 4D scans can be placed on the mannequin during the same exercise


Ultrasound simulators serve as an important complementary tool for teaching ultrasound. A web based ultrasound simulator — or a ‘simulator as a service’ allows students to practice and to be tested from virtually anywhere, which is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To learn more about the Innoging platform press here — Ultrasound Simulator.

Or contact us directly at: info@innoging.com




CTO at Innoging Medical

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Eliad Moshe

Eliad Moshe

CTO at Innoging Medical

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